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Fwd: Fracking the last best place

Editor's Note: The fracking threat to Whatcom County is real possibility. No one covers the disaster that is fracked gas and oil like Josh Fox and Gasland.

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Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
The moment that stood out for me the most in today's Video of the Week is a quick clip of an activist sign that says 'Don't Frack the Last Best Place'.
I think most people whose livelihoods are threaten by fracking feel that way.
There are reasons we chose to live where we do. It might be because the land has been in our family for generations. Or because we were drawn to the natural beauty of it. Or it felt like a safe place to raise a family.
Fracking threatens all of that.
Watch our Video of the Week: Mixing Oil and Water by the Northern Plains Resource Council
We've heard many families besieged by oil and gas development say they don't even know where they would go if they left their homes. With fracking going on in 34 states there is no safe place.
When we look at the big picture and climate change, more last best places get put on the chopping block. The entire fracking process from production to delivery is fraught with fugitive methane emissions, a potent green house gas that will exacerbate global warming.
Fracking and other forms of extreme energy development threaten to take the last best place from all of us.
Please watch and share our video of the week.
But as the video points out, there is one defense that can save our last best places. It's grassroots democracy. It's you.
Thanks and have a great weekend,
Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator
Thank you to the Northern Plains Resource Council for this week's video.
Northern Plains Resource Council is a grassroots conservation group that organizes Montana's citizens to protect our water quality, family farms and ranches, and unique quality of life. That's why Northern Plains is engaging our members to build a statewide network that empowers communities to guide development.   
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox

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