Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fwd: Endorsements for your ballot

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From: "Greg Haffner, WA Democrats" <>
Date: Oct 16, 2014 10:20 AM
Subject: Endorsements for your ballot
To: "Ryan Ferris" <>

You're one of the thousands who have committed to vote this year.
Thank you so much!
This is the time where it really counts. 
Ballots have already gone out in some counties, and all ballots will be out by Friday. We're really relying on you, our strongest supporters, to turn out for Democrats.
You wouldn't have committed to vote if you weren't someone who cares about making the right choices in the election. We want to help.
In a midterm election like this, we will win or lose based on who shows up. Here are some steps you can take to make informed choices when you fill out your ballot:
  1. Do some prep work. Take a look at your voters guide. Go to our Candidates page and visit the websites of the Democrats running in the election.
  2. Find endorsements for your ballot. Local Democratic organizations have made endorsements in races up and down the ballot. You can feel confident that endorsed candidates represent Democratic values. Just go to the Endorsement Finder and enter your name and zip code to find a set of recommendations created just for you.
  3. Deposit your ballot into a mailbox or dropbox. Ballots must be postmarked or in a dropbox by November 4th. 
  4. Please, vote early. If you vote early, then your vote gets counted early. You can track the status of your ballot on MyVote. Campaigns can then focus on reminding people to vote who really need to be reminded, not great Democrats like you! 
Thank you for voting!

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