Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LAST CALL!!! What Happens If YOU DON'T VOTE!!

Calling all Democrats and Friend of Democrat Voters:
Whatcom County Drop Boxes and Election Office in Whatcom County are open to 8:00  PM tonight!

Okay, it 6:00 PM.  Tuesday, November 4, 2014 on the troubled Planet Earth, an M class planet of seven billion people spiraling out of control somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.

And now you have to ask yourself, "What kind of voter am I?"

  • Are you the kind of voter that just doesn't care about whether you vote or not but will cry hot dimes when the Republicans cut your support programs?
  • Are you the kind of voter that waited to the last minute and are now just too tired to spend 15 minutes on that ballot and drive downtown?
  • Are you the worn out parent who just hasn't had the time?
Well. Here's the deal. In a parallel future running beside the one where you drag your tired *ss off your dinner seat, finish up YOUR ENTIRE BALLOT and VOTE, here's what happens:
Because you didn't vote, Seth Fleetwood, Satpal Sidhu, and Joy Monjure lose this election. The Republicans gain control of both the WA state house and senate and enact wholesale austerity measures on all social programs, education, and support services.

Your neighbor the crazy man, always a threat, wakes up in a world where he can't find mental health support or subsidized medication.  Instead, he falls into a terrible psychosis shoots half your apartment complex and then himself.  In desperation, having lost two of your children in this incident, you follow him six months later.

Sound too stark? Let's try another couple parallel futures:

Neither Republicans or Democrats can agree on an education budget for any level in Olympia. As a result, teachers are laid off wholesale in K - 12 across the state ("damn the Supreme Court"), classroom sizes swell and your once happy 2nd grade son finds himself falling behind.  Desperate, because your 2nd grader just can't get the individual help he needs any more, you enroll him in an expensive private school. In order to afford it you take a second job at night. Inside of ten years, you work yourself into a heart attack, die young and never see your child graduate from high school.

Republicans decide that Washington Universities (WWU, CWU, EWU) just have too much fat in them. They mercilessly cut their budgets.  In response, the presidents of these universities are forced to allocate a much larger share of the student body to the more lucrative "out of state" tuition.  Your smart but unmotivated 18 year old daughter has nowhere to go but a community college.  She works hard, traveling to Bellevue Community college to train herself to become a programmer, but ends up a test engineer for the rest of her life because she never got that four year degree.  Her lead programmers for the rest of her life are all foreign born nationals who earned degrees at WA Universities.

See what could happen IF YOU DON'T VOTE!  PLEASE VOTE!! PLEASE VOTE!!


I received this very important message from Whatcom Election Desk Administrator Jessie Smiley:
"We will be open from 8:30am - 8:00pm this evening. If someone was issued a ballot and it was returned to us as undeliverable we can get them a replacement ballot – no problem. If someone comes in or calls and they are currently inactive we can activate them so they can get a replacement from our office or online. Let me know if you have other questions."
Although the deadline has passed to register to vote, if you have not received your ballot because you moved or lost it or if you are marked as inactive at then you still have hope! But you must make it into the Elections Desk at the Whatcom County courthouse today!

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