Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How the Democrats can keep from losing next time: Part II Understanding Voter Updates

This discussion invovlves statistical abstraction at the edge of my capacities for mathematical and inferential logic.  Piece under construction 9:21 AM 1/7/2015. Code to be updated later is here  -RMF
This is part II (part I here) of a discussion of voter updates in the 2014 Whatcom County election. The discussion will conclude with evidence that results from precincts in the 42nd district are correlative to an increase voter update process.  Why this is the case, I do not know. However, the reader should understand that voter updates involve at least two separate organizations:

(1) Your County's election office
(2) A State based effort called 'ERIC'

Here's  a summary of the best information I can gather on how voting lists are scrubbed, moved voters are found, 'undeliverables' removed from active status... (to be continued)

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