Sunday, January 18, 2015

The President is asking for your input...

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We asked you what you wanted to see get done in the next two years. This is what you told us.

President Obama delivers his State of the Union address on Tuesday at 9 p.m. Eastern.
He's got a stack of memos from policy experts here at the White House.
We wanted help from another set of experts, so we asked you to help us draft a different kind of memo to the President. More than 20,000 of you have weighed in so far.
This is what you told us.
Check it out, then visit
Didn't get a chance to add your voice? It's not too late.

About you:

People who wrote in to tell us what was important to you.

States that participated (in addition to DC and the territories, too!).

The number of Americans who sent in a message from Cedar Falls, Iowa -- where the President just spoke on the importance of high-speed broadband.

What's important to you:
We tallied up your responses -- all 23,928 of them. Economic issues were by far the most-often mentioned, with one in three citing them as priorities.
But other issues were important to you, too: 22% focused on renewable energy and climate, and more than 16% highlighted education issues.
Your priorities:



Health Care


What you said:
We asked you to tell us more about your priorities -- and what made them so important to you.

"Anyone who works for a living should not be forced into poverty."
FRANK from Fort Mill, SC

"Today's job market is changing quickly and our traditional education system isn't preparing graduates to enter the field. Training Americans with skills for good jobs will not only help individuals make a better life for themselves, but will also help the American economy."
KRISTA from Cathedral City, CA

"Roads, bridges and schools need to be maintained and upgraded. These shovel-ready jobs are a necessity."
GERALD from Coppell, TX

"The more renewable energy we produce, the more money stays in our country/region. This is helpful for our regional economies, as we often can produce local energy and create local jobs and reduce the transportation needs for distributing energy."
TED from Washburn, WI

How you pledged to take action:
Achieving change on these issues is something all of us can play a role in.
When we asked how you'd play your part, you pledged to write letters to the editor, tell your friends, and volunteer.
Your actions:
Tell a friend

Share your story


Write a letter

It's not too late.
Didn't get a chance to share your priorities for 2015?
You've still got 
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