Monday, April 25, 2016

Sites Discussing Election Fraud

"We are not able to elect Bernie because there is so much of this fraud and voter suppression and rigging and caucus cheating going on. So it seems like magical thinking to continue to go forward with this campaign and not address the issue, to not fight the battle that will actually cost the election."
- Debbie Lusignan ("The Sane Progressive")

Updating this article on 9]20/2018 with this Bloomberg post: -RMF

Some sites currently discussing Presidential 2016 Election Fraud:

Debbie Lusignan ("The Sane Progressive"):
Debbie's Youtube Channel:
Debbie's YouTube with Richard Charnin:
Debbie's interview with John Brakey:

Richard Charnin:
Blog on 2016 Election:
R. Charnin's Election Fraud Analysis presentation:
R. Charnin's update Primary spreadsheet:
R. Charnin's latest book:
R. Charnin earlier work:

Other notable private individuals concerned/working on Election Fraud:

Beth Clarkson:
Bev Harris:
Jonathan Simon:
John Brakey: Movie "Fatally Flawed":
Harvey Wasserman (Site may be hacked...)
Stephen Spoonamore

Miscellaneous (Important) Sites:

"Code Red" Book and Sites by Jonathan Simon:
Election Defense Alliance
Wikipedia on Electoral Fraud

Academic and Government Sites covering Election Fraud:


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