Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Whatcom Conservation District Vote

Heather Christianson, Democrat PCO and Candidate for the Whatcom Conservation District.

Update March 20th:

Preliminary Results (as yet not certified) : Results indicate a victory for Heather Christianson! Additional results will be returned as the later mail-in ballots are returned. Looks like the first Democrat victory of the year!!! May it be the first of many...March 16 at 2:06pm
Monday, March 20 Unofficial


Heather Christianson - 2,872 votes
Roderic Perry - 344 votes
Suzzi (Suzanne) Snydar - 1,561 votes
write ins - 3 votes
disqualified - 56
Update February 14th:

If you missed the Feb 14th 4:00 PM deadline to file for an absentee ballot, you can always make it in person to the Whatcom Conservation District election Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at the District’s office at 6975 Hannegan Road, Lynden. Polls will be open between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. Please see The local Democrats may be arranging car pooling. Please check . Meanwhile, make sure to vote for Democrat Heather Christianson.

A "One off" Election

This week in the world of Whatcom County Elections, we pull a "one-off".  If you would like to vote by mail in the Whatcom County Conservation District election you must transfer the information from your page on "Voter Registration Details" at to this registration page  at the Whatcom County Conservation District . You add your phone number and email and a ballot should be mailed to you. YOU MUST DO THIS BY 4:00 PM FEBRUARY 14TH if you wish to receive a ballot by mail. If you have been made inactive because of a returned ballot or move, this is good time to fix that first at  or call the Whatcom Elections office for help.

Why isn't this election run by the Whatcom County auditor and scheduled for a convenient primary or general election ballot? Cost is apparently an issue as are WCD RCW election requirements.  WA state law allows all Conservation Districts in the state to run their own elections.  

Your Ballot Will Be Mailed to You

12:17 PM 2/12/2017 update to the original post: I just talked with Executive Director George Boggs of the Whatcom Conservation District. Essentially, George says they are ready; bring on the votes. George wants everyone to know and learn about the importance of the Whatcom Conservation District!

Heather Christianson
I don't know if that many will participate in this election, but I hope you are one of them! There are currently three candidates. One of them is Democrat PCO Heather Christianson  whose has a very nice website here: .  Heather has told me that:
"If you do not ask for an absentee ballot, you may vote in person at the District office at 6975 Hannegan Road on March 14, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. "
Heather has also told me that:
"I have been certified as a Democrat candidate by the Whatcom County Democrat's chair, Barbara Lewis, at the recommendation of the Executive Board." 
 Here is another picture of Heather:
Heather ChristiansonDemocrat PCO and Candidate for the Whatcom Conservation District.

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