Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Last Weeked for the School District Elections

The complicated geometry of the three school districts requesting your support this election. Note how school districts snug borders, trail rivers, and sometimes split precincts (!!) If you have any questions whether or not you should receive a ballot, check and/or call Whatcom County Elections. Click to enlarge the map.

Please Vote. Ballots were mailed 1/23/2019 for the Ferndale SD and Nooksack Valley SD bonds as well as the Concrete SD Levy.  You should have your  ballot by now. If not, contact Whatcom County Elections. Seven drop boxes are open for this election, but like the last two Whatcom County elections, this is a 'no stamp needed' election. Fill out your ballot early, set it on your mailbox and then check to make sure your ballot has been received and is 'ready for tabulation'.  If your vote is challenged in any way, please contact Whatcom County Elections.  

In Whatcom County (as in all of WA), there is an 18 day voting period. Votes are 'tabulated' (e.g. counted) starting on election day (February 12th) for this all school funding election.  The county estimates there are ~28K voters involved in this election. ~22K of these voters are in the Ferndale SD.  This is the third attempt at passage for the Ferndale School District. If you have any questions, please call or otherwise contact Whatcom County Elections. For more information on the Ferndale School District  and Bond please see my previous posts:
 Please Vote. More information (under construction) below the break.

Ferndale School District GE 2018 Results

These are the top 25 full precincts for the FSD. Partial precincts 134 and 135 are excluded. Partial (but almost full) precinct 508 is included. For these 25 precincts, I have these GE 2018 results for the Bond and Candidates:

Approved        8884
Rejected        6228
MariaCantwell   7741
SusanHutchison  8054
SharonShewmake  7454
VincentBuys     8258

BondApprov MariaCantwell SharonShewmake
      0.59          0.49           0.47

 Click to enlarge the chart and tables:

The four precinct series for the Ferndale School District with bond approved and rejected and Senate race (Hutchison,Cantwell) votes.  The table below includes results for the GE 2018 FSD bond that lost by less than one percentage point of the 60% needed to pass.


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