Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Monday 03.09.2020 by County

Ballots Accepted/Rejected (Challenged) by Age Distribution

The charts above cover matchbacks and Ballot Statistics for 03.09.2010 5pm. Click on the Charts to Enlarge. It will be a scandal if a tight Bernie/Biden race is decided by the loss of 75K rejected ballots most of which (60K) are "NoParty" from and older vote contemporaneous with a weak youth vote. Below the break is a merged table of Presidential Primary ballot report status and ballot statistics for Monday 03.09.2020 5pm. The fields are: Democrat, Republican, Undeclared, Active (Voters), Voted (Ballots), Turnout. Note that real turnout will probably be much lower for many counties because Undeclared Party ballots will be discarded if not cured. Cure your damn ballots! Check Check 'Ballot Status'. Call  or visit your County elections department if you are not "Accepted".

1:         1597237

        D      R
1: 984969 551396

merge(Party,BS,by="County",all=TRUE)[,.(DplusR=fsum(D) + fsum(R))]
1: 1536365

1597237 - 1536365
[1] 60872

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