Monday, November 30, 2009

Precinct 204

Here's the kind of stuff that makes me wonder about Democratic Party efforts and the legitimacy of the ballot counts.  I am in Bellingham Precinct 204. PC 204 is a large, urban, liberal, Democrat precinct. I know because I live there. These precincts have no Democrats PCO's currently

202BellinghamWest of Bellis Fair423 vacant
203BellinghamNW Birchwood423 vacant 
204BellinghamWest of Cornwall Park423 vacant 

That's a shame because they are urban districts that all under performed in turnout% for the 2009 General Election :

PC# Reg  BC  TO%
202 517  211 40.81% 
203 1020 554 54.31% 
204 1386 608 43.87%

PC 202 actually voted for Kershner over McShane for the 2009 general after overwhelmingly voting for Obama/Biden in 2008. If you compare those precinct  results with 2008 General you see that not only was sum turnout for the three cut more than half between the elections but that PC 204 (the largest of the three) actually lost 95 registered voters between the elections:

PC# Reg   BC    TO%
202 543   438    80.66% 
203 1022  904   88.45% 
204 1481  1284  86.70%

The end result is that my precinct (204) had 1284  votes counted in November 2008. Only 608  votes were counted this year. I find those numbers difficult to believe.  Had my precinct had the same turnout this year as last, McShane would have won just from our precinct alone.

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As I've mentioned to you personally, this is a great public service you're providing. I am fascinated by your findings.
--Tim Johnson