Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Barack Obama extends the war economy...

Attempting to tread a some reassuring line between his (ex) supporters, the military, our economic health and imperial reach, Barack Obama authorized substantial additional troops and resources to Afghanistan. He called  "the Taliban, a ruthless, repressive and radical movement"  neglecting to mention, of course, that we supported and developed  the Taliban for a number of years in opposition to the then Soviet sponsored Northern Alliance.

There is nothing about any of our country's  military actions of the last eight years that has had anything to do with "stopping the spread of terrorism".  These are imperial wars for control of significant natural resources and military leverage.  We have sacrificed our national economy and our national  well being to deficit finance these expensive foreign wars. Wars that have cost us thousands of lives, our nation's economic health, and our spiritual health.

The more we involve ourself in these wars, the more the Russian and Chinese intelligence networks that actively support such nationalist movements will bleed our country's economic health dry. "We must keep the pressure on Al Qaeda...." said the President. He should have added "so as to keep our feeble oil and gas drenched economy afloat."  Our slow economic death as a nation will continue until we realize how futile  and draining foreign wars inside the Russian/Chinese axis really are.  By then we will be flat broke.

The question now should not be  whether the "war economy" of the past eight years should be continued or not. What we have lost in economic health is far more than any advantages we have gained or will gain through "the war on terrorism". (Unless of course, you are $$$ drenched American oil company!)   The question now is whether our "leaders" are continuing the "war against terrorism" so as to permanently destroy the American middle class and its families.  Or perhaps, whether our leaders care about our economic health as a nation in any significant fashion whatsoever.

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