Monday, August 26, 2013

How our species will end...

"LeMay believed that ultimately we're going to confront these people in a conflict with nuclear weapons. And, by God, we better do it when we have greater superiority than we will have in the future.
At the time, we had a 17 to 1 strategic advantage in nuclear numbers. We'd done 10 times as many tests as they had. We were certain we could maintain that advantage if we limited the tests. The Chiefs we're all opposed. They said, "The Soviets will cheat." I said, "How will they cheat?" You won't believe this, but they said, "They'll test them behind the moon." I said, "You're out of your minds." I said, "That's absurd."
It's almost impossible for our people today to put themselves back into that period. In my 7 years as Secretary, we came within a hair's breath of war with the Soviet Union on three different occasions. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for 7 years as Secretary of Defense, I lived the Cold War."
Robert McNamara interview with Errol Morris in The Fog of War , 2004

So the Russians are right, aren't they? Obama is just as crazy and dumb and spineless as George W. Bush. Amid escalating international tension with Russia, he has warships stationed for attack off Syria's coast, appropriately timed with UN inspectors visiting Syria just in time to gather evidence from the world's most obvious false flag attack.  Obama and the carbon cartel are apparently desperate.  Apparently, "the fallback plan" was to create so much chaos, violence, disaster in the South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa that the U.S. (with the help of Israel) can just start launching low-yield nuclear war heads against the Syrians and Iranians.

Do you want the bad news first? The fascist idiots that control American foreign policy now would  make Curtis LeMay look like a pacifist. Not even a young, hawkish McNamara would be acceptable for their employment. He would simply be considered too intelligent, too independent, too rational. Let's face it, Webster Tarpley was right. Under the pretext of electing hope and change we put a trilateral spy in the White House: an intellectual lightweight with questionable intelligence, hypocritical left-wing beliefs and balls made of fiber-glass. Yeah: they just blow which ever way the military-industrial establishment pushes them.

So this is how the world will end.  A cardboard American President will do whatever he is told by his deranged, elitist, military-industrial complex.  Russia, China, Iran, Syrian, North Korea, Cuba and possibly Venezuela will counter attack with nuclear strikes and sabotage and that's that! There goes your nice, half sunny late summer Northwest morning! All of you know that the cozy alliance WA state has made with the military since the neo-conservative/neo-liberal (Was there ever really a difference?) reign of Jackson/Magnuson will make us target no. 1 on the West Coast: Bangor-Kitsap, Whidbey Island, JBLM, Yakima-Echelon, Bremerton, Everett, Jim Creek, Olympia-MOA... Hell, anyone one of these is probably worth at least several hundred kt from a TOPOL-M. But then again, neither we nor our children will be around to measure it, will we? Thank God for that. As long as my Monday morning $4 double latte ends in a sharp white blast, I just won't feel a thing....

What a pathetic lot we are as Americans. Our founding fathers would be ashamed of us.  As our deranged "deep state" marches us to nuclear annihilation, we might gather on street corners or write vanity laced letters of protest. In truth, only Vladimir Putin and the Russian military can help stop American imperialism and war-mongering. The rest of West is too subdued or in bed with American foreign policy hawks too give a sh*t.  At what point will Russia decide that they have just been pushed too far? At what point will they have no more "tricks up their sleeve?"  Kiss your children this morning. Make sure their memories are fresh in your over-educated, over-resourced, under-whelming, narcissistic American mind. We shouldn't expect the last moments of civilization to be anything but cheerful for us now, should we?

If you can't think of anything else to do to help, at least turn off cable news for the next two weeks. If you can, please walk,bike,carpool, or transit to work and stop buying gasoline. God knows, you can't really afford it anyway. Maybe the fascists will notice a drop in television revenue and oil profits. Seems to be the only thing they care about anyway....