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Subject: Can an obscure county election change the planet?

Natalie McClendon
Can an obscure county election
change the planet?
Dear Friends,

On May 23, 2013 the National Journal published an article titled, 'The Obscure County Election that Could Change the Planet. A little watched race in Washington state will determine how America uses its coal - and the future of the Global Climate.'
In it, they wrote:
"But, ultimately, it's not up to the coal industry, green groups, or SSA Marine, the Seattle company that hopes to build the terminal, to decide what happens. That's where the Whatcom County Council comes in. Over the next two years, the seven-member board will play an outsized role in Gateway's fate, voting on two crucial siting permits which, if approved, will pave the way for the terminal's construction."
And here's where you come in: your donation of $5 today can help elect good people to the Whatcom County Council. These are strong candidates who will make thoughtful decisions, based on the record and on science, about North America's largest coal terminal.  

Your donation of $5 will make a difference in the outcome of these races. While candidates for county council cannot express an opinion about the coal terminal, Whatcom Wins is supporting the 4 candidates endorsed by the Sierra Club, Washington Conservation Voters and Whatcom Democrats. While we may not have the deep pockets of the coal interests, we can do better: we have hundreds of volunteers, a well-organized campaign, great candidates and supporters like you.
Can you join us? Click here to donate $5 to the Whatcom Wins coordinated campaign and join the fight. This is a coordinated campaign of the Whatcom Democrats and your donation of $5 right now goes directly to electing these 4 candidates. 
And heads up, we've got a deadline: We have until this Sunday to raise $5,000 - click here to donate $5 right now to help us meet our critical goal before this deadline.
The inside scoop
4 of the 7 seats are up for election this year. Whatcom Wins - a project of the Whatcom Democrats - is an aggressive field and persuasion campaign working on the ground to support 4 strong candidates. Rud Browne, Barry Buchanan, Ken Mann and Carl Weimer are endorsed by Washington Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. Whatcom Wins has registered new voters, knocked on 20,075 doors and phoned 8,749 voters. With your help, we can win all 4 seats.
These races pivot on a knife's edge. We win and lose by from 250 to 835 votes. We expect a close race, we know that coal interests are secretly funneling money into our opponents' campaigns, and we know that if we can raise enough funds to talk to voters, we win. 
Can you join us in electing 4 pro-environment candidates to the Whatcom County Council? Don't let big coal buy a local county election! Click here to elect strong candidates who will stand up for the public. 

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. 360-319-8287.

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