Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Socialist Kshama Sawant is ahead in City of Seattle Council Position No. 2

With over 165K votes in, Socialist Sawant is ahead of conservative Conlin. A number of contested ballots have yet to be decided. The election appears to have drawn more votes than any of the other three council races.  Notice that a single City of Seattle Council position draws three times more votes than the top Whatcom County County Council vote.  In Seattle, there are at least 83,095 people willing to vote for a Socialist. How many do we have in Bellingham, WA?

City of Seattle Council Position No. 2
        (Precincts                    (  952/ 952  )       100.00
        Richard Conlin                                                                    82693    49.75%
        Kshama Sawant                                                                     83095    49.99%

        Write-in                                                                            424     0.26%


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