Sunday, July 28, 2019

WA State MatchBack data from 07.27.2019

Beow are WA county return information for 07.27.2019 [source]. Some smaller counties (AS, GA, SM, WK) are not yet reporting. These totals will change daily. This statistic assumes all counties and precincts are active for this 2019 Primary election and some counties will only have a partial primary. Totals as of 07.27.2019:

   CountyCode   Count   Accepted Received Rejected
   Total        4432473 302602   6972     6536

Column Totals represent:
Count    # 07.17.2017 Status Active Voters
Accepted # Ready for Tabulation (e.g. 'Turnout')
Received # On conveyor belt for Accepted/Rejected
Rejected # Challenged Ballots
PCT_Accepted=round(Accepted/Count,3) * 100 (e.g. Turnout PCT)
PCT_reject = round(Rejected/(Accepted+Received+Rejected),3)* 100)

See here for list of County Codes with map.

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