Sunday, August 18, 2019

Predictions for the 2019 General Election: County Council at Large

The charts below represent two twenty column tables that sort by the largest difference of

(1) Maria Cantwell's 2018 GE tally  vs. Carol Frazey 2019 PRI totals.
(2) Susan Hutchison's 2019 GE tally vs Carol Frazey 2019 PRI totals for her three combined Republican opponents. A sum of this type of potential difference of all precincts would give a 13,405 vote difference to Carol Frazey:

  • SCWMCF[,fsum(diff)]  33,425 # Cantwell - Frazey
  • SCWMHC[,fsum(diff)] 20,020 # Hutchison - CombinedR
  • SCWMCF[,fsum(diff)] - SCWMHC[,fsum(diff)]  13,405

This lead could be considered in addition to the 7K Frazey votes finished ahead of  her three combined Republican opponents. There is no intersection between the two sets of 20 precincts below. Clearly, the "all county" races are the Democrats to lose. But can they get all their faithful to vote in an 'off year' or local election? Click to enlarge the charts.

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