Tuesday, August 6, 2019

WA State MatchBack data from 08.05.2019

Below are WA state matchback return information for 08.05.2019 [source].  Official (pre-result) update for the primary can be found here: My totals are derived from the state issued matchbacks only. These totals will change daily. Totals as of 08.05.2019. I am sticking with the July 17th VRDB totals for total voter 'Count' for this post:

   CountyCode   Count    Accepted   Received Rejected
   Total        4432473  726900     6308    11641

Statewide turnout is at Ballot Statistics was 18.8% as of 08/05/2019 5PM . That will change a lot in the next two reporting days. My data gives it at 16.4% with 726,900 'Accepted' votes. This statistic assumes all counties and precincts are active for this 2019 Primary election and some counties will only have a partial primary. 

   (726900/4432473) * 100

I have statewide rejection (challenged ballots) at 1.56% with 11,641 'Rejected' votes.  Please check  | 'Ballot Status' to see whether or not your ballot has been 'Accepted'. If you have not voted yet, do so now please:
  11641/(726900+6308+11641) * 100

A quick look at the 10 counties with more than 100K registered status active voters shows Spokane,Whatcom and King outdistancing other counties in PCT_Accepted ballots. It also shows Benton county with a comparatively high percentage of rejected ballots.  However, most of these are "undeliverables" which only ten counties are reporting now. See this post here for more information on Challenged Ballots.

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