Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's BLS report

This would be today's happy news from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics  :

Turning to measures from the survey of households, the
unemployment rate increased from 9.8 to 10.2 percent over the
month. Since the recession began, the jobless rate has
increased by 5.3 percentage points, while the number of
unemployed has more than doubled to 15.7 million.
The number of long-term unemployed remained high. In
October, 5.6 million workers had been jobless for 27 weeks or
Among the employed, there were 9.3 million persons working
part time in October who would have preferred full-time work.
The number of such workers has doubled since the start of the
Among those outside the labor force--that is, persons
neither working nor looking for work--the number of discouraged
workers in October was 808,000, up from 484,000 a year earlier.
These individuals are not currently looking for work because
they believe no jobs are available for them.

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